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In memory of the victims of the Holocaust: Matt Herbst composes the piece Romani Transfigurations for solo violin, piano and string orchestra. With the simultaneously haunting and oppressive composition Romani Transfiguations, the American composer Matt Herbst remembers the victims of the Holocaust. The piece is especially dedicated to the Roma people, who, like many other ethnic groups, experienced indescribable suffering and horror during the Second World War.
"The theme of the music can be interpreted in many ways, but the main theme is the transformation to a higher spiritual state," said Matt Herbst.
The piece was recorded at Ocean Way Studios in Nashville and is an original composition by Matt Herbst, who also plays the piano here and conduct the score. The piece is most prominent, according to Herbst, in the violin solos beautifully performed by Mary Kathryn Van Osdale. The rest of the ensemble consists of the talented strings of Nashville Music Scoring, contracted by concertmaster Alan Umstead.






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