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Adrian "Adi" Coriolan Gaspar is a Romanian-Austrian pianist, composer and arranger. He is a Roma and is one of the key Roma musicians in Austria. Read more about this exceptional musician on Gypsy Music Network.
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The Aliev Bleh Orkestar are based in Winterthur (Switzerland) and were founded in 2005 by Marem Aliev and his son Nehrun Aliev. As the name suggests, the band is a brass band. Read more.
ando drom 1Ando Drom are a Roma ensemble from Budapest in Hungary. The ensemble was founded in 1984 by the multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Jeno Zsigó and is one of the most popular and successful Roma folklore ensembles in Hungary. Read here more about Ando Drom.
boban i marko markovic orkestar 1The Boban i Marko Markovic Orkestar are a Roma brass band from Vladicin Hal in the south of Serbia. They were founded in 1984 by Boban Markovic under the name Boban Markovic Orkestar and are one of the most famous Roma brass bands ever. In 2004, Boban Markovic officially handed over leadership of the band to his son Marko. Since then, the band are called the Boban i Marko Markovic Orkestar.
bratsch picBratsch are a music group from France. They were founded in the 1970s and after more than 40 years of being together will be calling it a day at the end of 2015. The group consist of five musicians and are among the most well-known and popular world music bands ever.
Django Reinhardt
Jean “Django” Reinhardt was a guitarist, composer and band leader. He was a member of the Sinti ethnic group (or Manouche, as it is known in the French cultural region) and is one of the founders and key exponents of European jazz.
dotschy reinhardt 1Michaela Dotschy Reinhardt is a German jazz singer and author. She is a Sinti. Read here more about Dotschy Reinhardt.
ekrem mamutovic 1The Ekrem Mamutovic Orkestar are a Roma brass band from Vranje, a town in the southeast part of Serbia. Vranje is not far from the border to Kosovo, Macedonia and Bulgaria. The head of the band is, as the name implies, trumpeter Ekrem Mamutovic who stems from one of the oldest families of Roma brass musicians with a long standing in Serbia.


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