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Darko Rundek & Cargo Orkestar

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Ruke (La Comedie Des Sens)

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Piranha Records


Gypsy / World / Folk / Balkan / Fusion / Croatia








Just imagine you’re on a big old ship – or rather inside of this ship, in a cabin way below sea level... Inside of this cabin you sit and listen to the creaks of the metal hinges of the vessel... From far away you seem to hear some tunes. They fade away, but then they come closer again, soothing and haunting at the same time: you realize it’s a band playing down there in the bowels of the ship – it’s the Cargo Orkestar.
Darko Rundek singer, poet, actor, theatre director and frontman of the late Yugo-cult band "Haustor" moved to Paris in 1991 with the sound of war in his ears. There he gathered together an international troupe of musicians to make an international music that has no fixed home: Isabel, the French violinist with her wide experience of many musical worlds, who has worked with theatre director Peter Brook and Nina Simone; the electronic musician Vedran Peternel, with whom Darko Rundek broadcast radio transmissions to the main land from a cargo ship in the Adriatic Sea during the dark years of civil war; video artist Biljana Tutorov, whose projections accompany the Cargo Orkestar's concert performances; multi-instrumentalists Dani Pervan and Dusan Vrani; the trumpeter Igor Pavlica, Darko Rundek's old colleague from the "Haustor" days, plus Emmanuel Ferraz the French/Portuguese trombonist and the French double-bass player Bruno Arnal.
Set sail with the Cargo Orkestar on their mysterious musical journey. (source: piranha.de)





1. Intro
2. Ista Slika (The Same Image)
3. Kuba (Cuba)
4. Mlin Tema (Watermill Theme)
5. Makedo
6. Ruke (Hands)
7. Sjaj Sto Izdaje (Shine That Betrays)
8. Sanjam (Dreaming)
9. Tigidigi Rege
10. Stojim I Gledam Se Kako Postojim (I Am Standing And Watching Myself Existing)
11. Ti I Ja (You And Me)
12. Mlin Reggae (Mill Reggae)
13. Untitled II
Video Bonus
14. Ista Slika




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