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Boban Markovic Orkestar Feat. Marko Markovic

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The Promise

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Piranha Records


Gypsy / Roma / Balkans / Brass / Serbia








The Boban Markovic Orkestra have won the top prize at the annual Gucha festival so often they had to stop competing, which makes them officially the best brass band in the Balkans. In leading their orkestar from Vladicin Han in Serbia's deep south, the Markovic's music reflects the many sources that have shaped the Balkans and the Gypsies' journey. Here the ancient meets the post-modern, blending everything to create an eerie, intuitive music that grooves like crazy. With Markovic's son (who was 17 when this album was recorded) the muscled powerhouse of the Boban Markovic Orkestra boasts a new strength.

Marko is a prodigy on the trumpet and is out to to prove it. Just when it seem the tracks couldn't go faster and it already feels like a truck careening down a mountain road without brakes, the band switches to double time.

Although Balkan music is the core here, they do throw in a couple of Latin pieces as change-ups. Reckless, sometimes almost anarchic, this is brass music where caution is thrown to the winds, and the result is a rush of virtuoso sound to fill the soul.



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