boban markovic live in belgrade cover

Cat. Nr.:

PIR 1685


Boban Markovic Orkesta

Release Titel:

Live In Belgrade

Release Date:



Piranha Records


Gypsy / Brass / Serbia



Press Release / Description:


Imagine twelve shining brass instruments blasting away, lead by a trumpet as rapturous as it is melancholic. Imagine the Balkanic fusion of the love of life with its inescapable sadness. Imagine Boban Marcovic, judged "best trumpet on Earth" at the legendary Guca festival in central Serbia, playing live in Belgrade. Now stop imagining - this is the real thing. "The loudest unamplified band you've ever heard", laying down the funkiest Balkan grooves you've ever heard before an audience of delighted brass afficionados. Blow, Boban, Blow! (Source: Piranha Records)




1. Otpisani
2. Hava Naguila
3. Zajdi, Zajdi
4. Vodopad
5. Mesecina
6. Ring, Ring
7. Disco Dzumbus
8. Intro / Cororo / Branjski Cocek / Nikolin Cocek
9. Ederlezi






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