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Almaviva Records


World / Gypsy / Klezmer / Mediterranean / France








AllMusic Review by Bruno Deschênes

In Correspondances, the French gypsy group Bratsch offers their own songs, along with arrangements of a traditional song, a song from Django Reinhardt, and others. The title of the CD is a play with words in order to invite listeners to participate in their musical trip: "correspondences" is an invitation to travel, "Corps," "respond," and "dance" can also mean either "to produce with the heart" or "the body responds by dancing," specially when everything goes awry. This trip is what they share with listeners: a life as travelers with no real home and no borders, at home nowhere and everywhere at the same time. This musicical trip is produced with heart as only gypsies know how to do. Music from a heart that bleeds so often because it is a gypsy heart, but a heart full of emotions.




1. Détournement Roumain
2. Bi Divanosko
3. Fratelli
4. Nevo Inja
5a. Bayat
5b. Traditionnel Arrangement
6. Irinaki
7. Nomades
8. Zarbi
9. Faoussora
10. Rythme Future
11. Blounoumache
12. Ligo Ligo Tha Mé Sinithis
13. Na Mi Naz Ouni




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